Interest Groups

Tembusu is home to a large number of student-run interest groups. Students can join any of the existing groups; and if they are interested in something else, they are encouraged to form their own groups. Whenever they submit a successful proposal, the College provides seed funding that is administered through the student government.

A wide range of interest groups caters to a diverse student body. College residents who are inclined towards sports can join groups involved in floorball, ultimate frisbee, football, badminton and even night cycling. For those who have interests in music and the performing arts, there are also a number of groups, including a K-Pop dance troupe, our very own award-winning acapella group, the Tembusu Treblemakers, and a theatre company, Broadway @ Tembusu who performed the hit musical Grease at the Drama Centre in January 2013.

Agents of Change @ Tembusu seeks to create a culture of community service within the college and has successfully implemented a number of projects including a charity concert and a series of events aimed at raising awareness of people with special needs.

Here is a complete list of the interest groups in Tembusu:

Lifestyle and Hobbies
  • Gastronomy Club

    A food-centric club focused on spreading the joys of good food. From fine dining to hawker fare, no cuisine or dish is too small to be on our radar. Past events include farm visits, brewery tours and food trips.

  • Yarn and Glue

    Yarn and Glue is a craftwork interest group where Tembusians sit around, chat, drink tea, and make stuff! We indulge in diverse activities ranging from scrapbooking, crocheting, sketching, knitting, cross-stitching, to bookbinding.

  • Tembudoodles

    Tembudoodles was born after a particularly boring day in class. Our pens moved effortlessly across our notes and before we knew it, a doodle was borne! We then thought, "hey, why not band together fellow doodlers to form a super Doodle group?" Thus, Tembudoodles was formed. And, in this whimsical — somewhat magical — way, we sketched ourselves into being.

  • tKitchen

    Ever wanted to let your inner Master Chef loose? Or has there been a recipe you wanted to try out but didn't want to attempt alone? Then tKitchen is the interest group for you! We're a group of would be Escoffiers who tackle recipes together one at a time. Join us for a cheesecake, or a simple meringue, but be ready to get your hands dirty!

  • Tembusu Stargazers

    Have you ever gazed at the star-filled night sky with awe and wonder? If you have, that’s great! Tembusu Stargazers was conceptualized in the hope of uniting like-minded individuals like us. Even if you haven’t seen the most beautiful of skies here in Singapore, so long as you’re interested in the possibility of discovering them, you’re in the right place! What are you waiting for? Join us for an astronomical journey to the skies!

Sports and Outdoors
  • Tembusu Barefoots

    For the recreational / semi-competitive playing of Ultimate Frisbee.

    We hope to gather sporty, like-minded individuals who like playing frisbee to do just what they love, keep fit, and enjoy a healthy dose of competition every now and then. And, most importantly, bond through sport!

  • Table Tennis Club @ Tembusu

    This club was formed as a response to the interest of Tembusians in playing table tennis. Through a shared love of the sport, this group hopes to foster a spirit of collaboration and community. While competition and hard training fosters talent, the club never forgets that it is enjoyment of the game that first and foremost brought everyone together.

  • Tembusu College FC

    This intensely recreational club arranges, and participates in, football games with our fellow colleges — Cinnamon, Yale-NUS, and the College of Alice & Peter Tan, the community at the UTown Residence, or anyone who is willing to have a proper leisurely kick-about. Any hard tackling or high-speed running is highly discouraged. Feel absolutely free to join us anytime to chase, or slowly nudge away those study blues.

  • The Tembusu Shuttlers

    The Tembusu Shuttlers aims to provide a platform for fellow badminton enthusiasts in Tembusu College to gather, recognise each others' potential, and refine our skills as a team. Ranging from beginners to more advanced players, our team aims to grow together — not just as players but also as part of a community through badminton.

  • Tembusu Night Cycling Society

    Our society organises themed rides — around notions such as heritage, food, and famous trails, amongst others — to open new registers of experiencing Singapore in students, both local and those with us on exchange programmes.

  • Tembusu Floorball

    Taking advantage of the fact that we have a Multi-Purpose Hall with a perfect surface for the sport of floorball, this club was one of the first to form in Tembusu. And since then, it has grown from a gathering of like-minded enthusiasts to a lifestyle in the college.

  • Bolt and Pace

    What better way to see an island than on foot? Join us as we traverse the space in which we live while having a work out — after all, there is absolutely no reason one cannot get in shape while enjoying a view.

Music, Dance and Drama
  • Tembusu Treblemakers

    If you love performing, want to sing to crowds of people, have imagined yourself rocking-out in front of thousands, or spend evenings serenading your curtain in the shower, perhaps the Tembusu Treblemakers is for you. This group has been set up for everyone who has an interest in music, wants to make music, wants to be around music — and since our primary medium of communication is voice, we have chosen to focus on acapella singing and performance.

  • Tembusu K-Pop

    Unless you've been living under a rock, it would be impossible not to have been swept away by the Hallyu wave. So, if you enjoy listening to bands like Girls' Generation, Super Junior, 2 PM, Shinee, Miss A, and have been dreaming about dancing, performing, like them, come join us — after all, it's far more pleasant to ride waves than to have them crashing down on you.

  • Broadway @ Tembusu

    Broadway @ Tembusu brings together a community of students passionate about musicals. We have a wide pool of talented people ranging from those with incredible voices, great theatrical sense, and those who have a passion for producing musicals. However, we are not an exclusive club. And we welcome all those who are simply in love with this form of theatre. Broadway @ Tembusu is a platform created by students to explore our different talents and to enjoy doing so in the midst of the academic rigour in NUS. We want to share our passion with the whole college, and also increase the appreciation of the arts by watching plays and musicals together. Come and join us to have fun, explore your talents in a welcoming community and share your passion with like-minded people.

  • Music Hub @ Tembusu

    Perhaps, you've always wanted to learn an instrument but never had a chance to. Or, just wanted to jam with friends. Maybe, even form a band. Then, this is the perfect place to meet with fellow musicians. After all, every significant musical movement started with individuals coming together in a particular time and place. At the Music Hub, everyone is given the space to learn from each other; if the inclination arises, perform together; and perhaps even stumble upon something altogether new.

  • Tembusu Ukulele Beat (TUB)

    It is a myth that the ukulele is a solo instrument, and an even bigger one that ukulele players are solitary. Our group aims to bring together people who share a love for the sound of the instrument, meet up, exchange tips, practise together, share scores, and perhaps even come together to perform. We believe that everyone can play the ukulele, regardless of whether you have a background in music or not!

  • T-Crew

    "Dance is not about looking good, it's a manifestation of your innermost thoughts and feelings".

  • As street dance is a medium with a legacy of expressing the vibrancy of daily life whilst questioning the environment in which we live, T-Crew — Tembusu's very own street dance crew — hopes to ignite the spirit of exploration, of thinking the everyday through movement, through our very own bodies. Nobody is born a dancer, and it takes diligence, passion and sheer determination to conquer those dance moves that look oh-so-cool! Join us as we sweat our way to the land of swaggg!

  • T-Fusion @ Tembusu

    We have similar interests in playing and promoting music based on a notion of fusion — an ensemble of instruments from various and varied cultures. We provide the space for members to enjoy communal music making, develop skills in instruments in which they are interested, perform on various platforms, and be a part of community engagement programmes that give back to society! T-Fusion is currently focused on Popular Animation, Classical, and Game Franchise, music — but we are always open to fresh endeavors.

  • Guitar Ensemble @ Tembusu

    Our group provides a space for members who are passionate about this highly-versatile stringed instrument to share their enthusiasm, perform together with like-minded people, and just hangout. The ensemble explores varying shades and tonalities of music, and boasts a wide repertoire ranging from classical works to pop, jazz and popular contemporary pieces.

Culture and Arts Appreciation
  • Drinking Club (Tea)

    Tea drinking has such a long history and is so deeply embedded in cultures of the world that all the different ways of saying "tea" can be traced to either Cantonese (char) or Hokkien (teh). We aim to instill a deeper appreciation and understanding of tea drinking, open ourselves to different tea drinking cultures, and create an environment where we can relax and enjoy the beverage itself.

  • The Verse

    The Verse brings together a collective of writers in Tembusu who are passionate about writing, and want to share their experiences through this beautiful art. We do not simply appeal to people who are gifted, who have flair. Instead, we call out to those who simply want to hone this craft, and are looking for a community who will journey with them. The Verse will bring you opportunities to write, to read, and to be heard. We will also try our best to bring you inspiring writers who will share their thoughts and skills with you. Forget anxiety, fear, and feelings of inadequacy. Here, we dream big. And we live on the verge of a verse, on the verge of greatness.

Specialised Pursuits
  • tStudios

    As our name suggests, tStudios is the place where anyone who is interested in the writings of light and movement can come together. With a plethora of equipment — both for still and moving images — along with an editing suite, members of tStudio have all the necessary equipment at their disposal to bring forth, and explore, possibilities in the realms of film, photography, and everything in between.

  • Hanging Out With Jesus

    We form a support community of and for believers — and we aim to grow together in the faith through better knowing Jesus.

  • Tembusu College Debate Club

    Since ideas are sharpened through constant sparring, debate is an integral part of a college experience. With this in mind, the Tembusu Debate Club has — in collaboration with the University Scholars Programme — been organising an inter-college debate series. Since its advent, the series has grown to include teams from Yale-NUS College, and the College of Alice & Peter Tan.

  • Tembusu Journal Club

    It is patently untrue that science & technology is dry and dull. For, it is so ubiquitous in our lives that we barely realise, rarely acknowledge, that many of our sources of enjoyment would be impossible without it. The Tembusu Journal Club is a platform for enthusiasts to gather and share knowledge, discuss news about trends and equipment, and, most of all, promote the fun and excitement that science & technology has to offer.

  • The Eidolon Lab

    We are a collective where people come together to explore possibilities, and initiate projects for members to work on and play with through the framework of Design Thinking. Through constant experimentation and thought, members will hone different skills, crafts, and tools to create prototypes, and develop practical solutions to better their everyday lives.

  • Tcarnival

    Our IG regularly holds carnivals and flea markets. These serve as a platform for the Tembusu College community to showcase its talent through performances, and also for budding entrepreneurs to set up their own stalls.

Outreach and Giving Back
  • Agents of Change @ Tembusu

    To create a culture of community service in Tembusu College, we hope to identify and implement sustainable projects for targeted beneficiaries in Singapore and, in the long term, extend our reach to aid chosen overseas communities through sustainable initiatives. Some of our current projects include:

       1) tMentors
        tMentors is a one-to-one mentoring programme for students from New Town Secondary School who are struggling with their studies, either because of financial difficulties or issues of motivation. Beyond mentoring them in their curriculum, we also engage them through sports, games, and interactive activities — with the aim of both building their confidence, and developing soft-skills that will be useful to them in other areas of their lives.
       2) tKampung
        Under the Youth Expedition Project Framework of the National Youth Council, a group of Tembusians travel to Roslin Orphanage in West Timor every May for two weeks. Besides interacting with the children by teaching English and Music, we also plan on extending our support to a local school in the community. Through this project, we aim to mentor and connect with the children, while at the same time expose ourselves to the culture and environment of West Timor.
       3) tCambodia
        Our project aims to reduce poverty in Cambodia, whilst also highlighting the state of poverty in many communities in South East Asia. We are currently working towards introducing and installing a hydroponics system in the community. We are also partners with two organisations in Siem Reap: Touch a Life, a soup kitchen which provides healthy meals for underprivileged children; and Journey of Grace, a school which provides English lessons for underprivileged children on weekdays.

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