Greetings adventurer! tQuest is bringing Dungeons & Dragons to Tembusu, a tabletop roleplaying game where players can experience realms of limitless possibilities. We aim to introduce new players to the world of D&D as well as bring together players and allow them to immerse themselves in roleplay, solve puzzles, engage in combat, and build imaginary narratives together. Whether you're an experienced player or just someone wanting to dip their toes into the magical world of D&D, the doors of tQuest are always open.

The Tembusu (Fagraea fragrans) is a large evergreen tree in the family Gentianaceae. It is native to Southeast Asia. Its trunk is dark brown, with deeply fissured bark, looking somewhat like a bittergourd. It grows in an irregular shape from 10 to 25m high. Its leaves are light green and oval in shape. Its yellowish flowers have a distinct fragrance and the fruits of the tree are bitter tasting red berries, which are eaten by birds and fruit bats.