Unleash the Power of Me! by Dr Vivek Mansingh




Dr Vivek Mansingh is a strong believer that each and every one of us can do better and bigger things with the help of a mentor. However, good mentors are hard to find. Therefore, he published the book, Achieving Meaningful Success: Unleash the Power of Me!, to act as a personal mentor. Come join Dr Mansingh as he shares key messages from his book on mentorship, leadership and entrepreneurship, as well as his experiences working with David Packard, Bill Hewlett, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell and John Chambers. 

Dr Mansingh is mentor par excellence, a global leader, entrepreneur, author, technology visionary, innovator, international speaker, and philanthropist. Previously, he served as President of Cisco & Dell R&D, Managing Director of Ishoni Networks, and Portal Software. He also founded ATTI (Aavid) and holds six patents in the USA. Dr Mansingh received the Chanakya Leadership Award from PRCI, made it to the list of Who's Who in America, and was named IT Man of the Year 2016 by Enterprise Connect, USA. 



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