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    What’s It Like To Dye Your Hair Blue?

    In addition to what Marshall wrote about blonde hair, a formerly blue-haired person now brings you another tale about the power of coloured hair. On 3rd August 2016, my hair turned blue. For $150 and 3 hours of my time, my hair was bleached off its black pigment and smothered in blue. As per protocol, […]

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    A Day in the Life of Professor Adam S. Groves

    The A Day in the Life series returns this week with an interview with Dr. Adam Staley Groves, in which he discusses the concept of order and harmony, and how order is often elucidated in its moment of absence. In their interview, Tay Ying Hui and Denise Goh also discover Dr. Groves’ thoughts on his journey in Tembusu College so far, being an outsider in an institution, and how too much of what university moulds us into is a mere marketable product.

  • Essays / Features / Headline / Politics and Society A protest against Donald Trump in the Netherlands.

    Tumult and Destabilisation – What’s next for liberal politics?

    Donald Trump’s inauguration less than a month ago rounded off a year in which liberal politics withered in the face of isolationist and nationalist political narratives, an unthinkable change from the dominance of liberal ideas in the past. What gives? Ryan Cheng explores how liberal politics became a source of disenfranchisement, and shows how it can pull itself back from the brink.

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    Do Not Resuscitate

    Hello, my name is Marcus Seah. I am a 2nd year medical student from Ponya. This is my medical column and the aim is to talk about medical issues, specifically those of public health. Public health issues concern the overall health of people rather than specific diseases and treatments. Dental care is one example. Many […]