Listen to the rhythm of the …

a photo essay by Yanyun Chen


1. chris fynsk

Chris Fynsk

2. edith doron

Edith Doron

3. ingrid hoofd

Ingrid Hoofd

4. sorelle henricus

Sorelle Henricus

5. yanyun chen

Yanyun Chen

6. dustin hellberg

Dustin Hellberg

7. marc furstenau

Marc Furstenau

8. yuk hui

Yuk Hui

9. nahum brown, vincent van gerven-oei, adam staley groves

Nahum Brown, Vincent van Gerven-Oei, Adam Staley Groves

10. john phillips

John Phillips

11. jeremy fernando

Jeremy Fernando

12. chris fynsk in thought

Chris Fynsk in thought




Rhythms: Work, Art, and Text was held at Tembusu College from the 10th to the 12th of April in the year 2014.

The workshop attempted to tease out the possibilities of rhythm in thought, the rhythms of thought, the rhythms that accompany thought — alongside its movements, as it were — and perhaps even rhythm as thought. Whilst one of our major reference points — and inspiration for the title of the workshop — was Martin Heidegger’s ‘The Origin of the Work of Art’, our thinking of thought and of rhythm was not confined to it: instead, it is both the point from which our thoughts are opened, and also the echo that resonates with these openings.

Or, as we prefer to think of it — friends coming together to think …