Brazil, Weber, and Foucault

Jonathan Lee analyses the film Brazil’s satire of bureaucracy with reference to Weber and Foucault.

Blind-date a book: Short stories and poetry for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, Tan Yanrong recommends short stories and poetry for everyone—no matter your Facebook status or commitment level.

Between Sound and Story: Rapper Muhammad Bahajjaj

During Arts Week and Halloween, first-year student Muhammad Bahajjaj performed his original tracks blending rap and classical music. Tan Yanrong offers a behind-the-scenes look at the experiences, influences, and aspirations behind his unique style.

The Big Read: Inaugural Dinner 2019/2020 Interviews

This year’s Inaugural Dinner was graced by the presence of twenty cultural icons of Singapore. To mark the end of the semester, Treehouse has released the interviews of five of these guests by three Tembusians.

‘Accidental Director’: The Uncurated Life of Eugene Tan

Hannah Soh interviews the director of the National Gallery Singapore and the Singapore Art Museum for Tembusu’s Inaugural Dinner for Academic Year 2019/2020.

Capturing Motion: Russel Wong in Three High-Exposure Shots

Lisa Chin interviews the Hollywood photographer for Tembusu’s Inaugural Dinner for Academic Year 2019/2020.