Ways of Seeing

This article explores recent scientific discoveries about the highly evolved colour-changing skin cells and eye structures of the octopus and cuttlefish to illustrate how they perceive and manipulate colour.

Pink Dot, Red Dot and White Shirts

Drawing on a research paper he wrote for a sociology module, Jonathan Lee responds to the question tFreedom (Tembusu College’s diversity and inclusion community) posed in a panel discussion last semester: What is the place of the LGBTQ+ community in Singapore?

Curious about Coaching?

One of the options senior students can select to invest in their personal development this semester is one-to-one coaching. What is it, and how does it work? How do you know if it might be a good choice for you?

Editors’ Welcome Note

The Treehouse Editors pen a Welcome Note to start off Academic Year 2018/2019!

On the importance of alchemy and theory crafting, or, a farewell to my college.

Yet another soppy senior goodbye reflection piece on Treehouse? Could Treehouse have gotten staler and full of itself? Reuben Wang reflects on his time at Tembusu College.

Facebook Pages: Paying to Shape Your Mind?

Ryan Quek looks at the issue of sponsored posts from political pages on your Facebook News Feed, and how to deal with this issue.