Lost, Loss, and Tembusu Welcome Week

Undergraduate Voon Jung shares his thoughts about entering Tembusu College during this trying period, and reflects on what it means to feel lost.

Cancel Culture: A Simplistic Misnomer

Lance Wu explores “cancel culture”, and what it means for social media, free speech, and the relationship between ordinary people and the powerful.

Petitions, Preconceived Notions, and Privacy Violations

A report on the petition that misrepresented LTAS events and violated students’ privacy, and the subsequent response from tFreedom and Tembusu students.

A Rapid-Fire Get-to-Know-You with the 11th CSC Election Candidates

Tembusu students head to the election polls this Wednesday. Treehouse catches up with the 11th CSC Election Candidates with a rapid-fire get-to-know-you.

An Interview with the 11th CSC Presidential & Vice-Presidential Candidates

Treehouse presents to the Tembusu student body a written interview with the four candidates running for President and Vice-President of the 11th CSC.

Letter to the Reader: Our Year of Change

The new editorial team for Treehouse this AY20/21 extends to you a welcome and an invitation to join us in this year of change.