The Big Read: Inaugural Dinner 2019/2020 Interviews

This year’s Inaugural Dinner was graced by the presence of twenty cultural icons of Singapore. To mark the end of the semester, Treehouse has released the interviews of five of these guests by three Tembusians.

Visages Villages: A Delightful Enigma in Seeing

Lune Loh writes a film review of the French film Visages Villages.

The Case for a CSC Portfolio Without TWW

Bach argues that the CSC urgently needs an update, and that it can begin with dropping Tembusu Welcome Week from the CSC’s portfolio.

Tembusu Freshmen Guide 4th Edition

Prepared by the Treehouse Editors of AY2019/2020, the Tembusu Freshmen guide will bring you up to speed with all that Tembusu has to offer!

What I Found Coming Back

Marshall Too reflects on the changing dynamics in Tembusu after an 18-month absence.

Of Fresh Fruits and Familiarity

Looking back on his four years in Tembusu, Isaac reflects on what the College means to him and what it stands for.