Rolling 20 on Fun: tQuest on the Joys of Dungeons and Dragons

An interview with two of Tembusu’s own Dungeon Masters about their experiences with Dungeons and Dragons, a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game, and their hopes for tQuest, the new Interest Group dedicated to D&D.

On Hospitality: We Are Still Who We Are

An attempt to come to terms with the allegations against Dr. Fernando, who once defined so many aspects of Tembusu life, and to reclaim what it means to be hospitable, to be a home, to be Tembusu, to heal once more.

Sexual Misconduct Allegations and Communications

An account of the sexual misconduct allegations made against Dr. Jeremy Fernando, the administration’s communications regarding the allegations, and the response from various individuals and organisations.

Tech it Up with Techne: An Interview on TechWeek

An interview with Eu Jin, one of the co-heads of Techne, about TechWeek, their week-long event exploring technology and its implications in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maybe We Should Move On: Highlights from the Tembusu Forum on GE2020

Lance Wu reports on the Tembusu forum on GE2020, where the discussion covered campaign tactics, the human aspect of governance, POFMA, and the politics of race.

Much Ado About Nothing? Intricacies of the Cross-Island Line

Willis Lau discusses the controversy around the Cross-Island Line, whose construction may greatly improve Singapore’s public transportation framework, but also endanger the integrity of its nature reserves.