A Day in the Life of Christine (The Dining Hall Supervisor)

The next instalment of the Day in a Life Series sees Ryan Quek interview Christine, the supervisor of the dinner shift in the dining hall. She shares how a typical day goes and how she feels about student’s opinions of the dining hall.


The Third Year Experience

Isaac Neo reflects on what it feels like to be a Third Year Student in Tembusu College, in response to his reflections on his Freshman and Sophomore years.


A Day in a Life of the Washing Machine, Dryer and Printer

In this episode of the Day in a Life series, Bach sat down with W-2, Dryer-2, and subsequently with Printer A separately to find out what it is like to be Tembusu’s silent heroes.

Ernest taking part in Shan’s Mid-Autumn Festival in 2016

A Day in a Life of Ernest Tan (Graduate Fellow, Shan House)

The Day in a Life returns, this round seeking to shine the light on the staff that make our lives in Tembusu smooth and without hitches. To start off the series, Graduate Fellow Ernest Tan shares his typical day, and what his role of Graduate Fellow entails.


A Day in the Life of Assoc Prof Gregory Clancey

Rounding off the Day in a Life series for this semester, Ryan Quek and Ong Kah Jing chat with Master of the College Assoc Prof Gregory Clancey. In the interview, Prof Clancey talks about managing the college, the origins of college cat Misty and a few interesting incidents that have taken place over the past five years.

DSC_0227 (1)

A Day in the Life of Jeremy Fernando

A Day in the Life series returns to Tembusu Treehouse with an interview with Jeremy Fernando, as he shares with us his thoughts on his writing process, art and literature, as well as his accidental stumbling into academia and Tembusu.