Discovering Possibilities: An Epilogue

The story of how University Town came to be. Journeys of growth amidst difficulties. Tensions between choices and identities. Five inspiring stories took centre stage at Tembusu Polity’s “15 Minutes” event, themed “Discovering Possibilities”. Chia Wee reflects on this event from the audience’s perspective. 

Surviving Halloween

Let’s face it: Halloween is here. It is that time of the year when most of your friends are out scaring themselves. But this is hardly surprising especially since Samhain is the time where the dead spirits return to earth. Similar to the hungry ghost festival, people light bonfires and pay their respects to the dead.

Food Project: Prata

Prata is one of the most loved dishes in Singapore. In this article, we delve into the makings of the dish we know today and, at the same time, review Springleaf at Sunset Way.

6 Tips to Make Your Recess Week the Most Productive Week Ever

With recess week upon us, Shane gives you 6 tips on how you can make the most of this time you have. Shane believes that you’re not only capable but you will have the most awesome recess week you ever had inside and outside of Tembusu. Read this, follow it, act upon your inner inhibitions and have the most amazing time!

App-solute Essentials in Tembusu (Part 2)

In this two-part series, we speak to the brains behind tApp, Misty and tLaundry. Today, Sylvester Chun, a second-year Computer Engineering student, shares his team’s experience creating tLaundry (@tlaundrybot). The team comprises Sylvester; Kevin Chan (Year 2, Computer Science); Lester Tan (Year 4, Computer Science); Sriram Sami (Year 4, Computer Science); Sim Da Yang (Year […]

App-solute Essentials in Tembusu (Part 1)

In this two-part series, we speak to the brains behind tApp, Misty and tLaundry. Today, Ora alumnus Anthony Tantra, a fourth-year Civil Engineering student, shares his experience creating tApp ( and Misty (