North Korea: An overview of the current tensions

This piece was written in response to Tembusu College’s recent forum titled “Will There Be Another War on the Korean Peninsula?”, which took place on the evening of Tuesday, October 17 of this year. Our Rector Professor Tommy Koh hosted Mr Lim Ju-Seong, Counsellor (Political) at the embassy of the Republic of Korea, Ms Stephanie Syptak-Ramnath, Charge D’Affaires […]


An Evening with Theresa Goh: The Difficulties of Being Queer in the Public Spotlight

Paralympic Medallist and Pink Dot 2017 Ambassador Theresa Goh recently spoke to Tembusians at the invitation of tFreedom, a community in Tembusu that aims to build a diverse and inclusive college. Bryan Kwa covers Theresa’s story of self-acceptance and her fight for greater societal acceptance of both persons with disability and LGBT persons.


Regardless of Race… or Race, not Regarded?

Reserved election, or political machination? Isaac Neo reflects on the reserved Presidential Election and examines the CMIO model and its various contradictions in its application in Singapore.


Debate, Disagreement, Democracy – for a resilient Singapore?

Non-Constituency Member of Parliament Leon Perera recently spoke to Tembusuians at the invitation of Tembusu’s public policy interest group Polity. Bryan Kwa reports and reflects on Mr Perera’s take on how to build a resilient Singapore that would stand the test of time.


Reclaiming Feminism: Yay/Nay/Why should I care?

When you think of Feminism, what comes to your mind? Man Hating Femi-nazis hunting you down with pitchforks? Or do you think of Taylor Swift preaching Girl Power and Solidarity? Our guest writer Michelle Heng discusses the evolution of feminism, from positive to negative to increasingly positive.

A protest against Donald Trump in the Netherlands.

Tumult and Destabilisation – What’s next for liberal politics?

Donald Trump’s inauguration less than a month ago rounded off a year in which liberal politics withered in the face of isolationist and nationalist political narratives, an unthinkable change from the dominance of liberal ideas in the past. What gives? Ryan Cheng explores how liberal politics became a source of disenfranchisement, and shows how it can pull itself back from the brink.