Regardless of Race… or Race, not Regarded?

Reserved election, or political machination? Isaac Neo reflects on the reserved Presidential Election and examines the CMIO model and its various contradictions in its application in Singapore.


RIP Chester Bennington

On the 2 month anniversary of Chester Bennington’s suicidal passing, Bach reminisces about the lead singer of his favourite band in his first orbituary. #RIPChester


The ‘Inevitable’ Cynicism of Youth

Lin Ziyi explores the inevitable cynicism of youth, in an edited version of her winning entry to the International New York Times Asia-Pacific Writing Competition 2016.


Expedition Reflection: STEER China

For the next few weeks, Tembusu Treehouse will be inviting Tembusians who went overseas on College expeditions to share their thoughts and reflections. This week, Noel Wong reflects on his experiences during STEER China. tWild expedition? What’s that? Those were some of my initial thoughts when I first signed up for this expedition. I wanted an […]


Debate, Disagreement, Democracy – for a resilient Singapore?

Non-Constituency Member of Parliament Leon Perera recently spoke to Tembusuians at the invitation of Tembusu’s public policy interest group Polity. Bryan Kwa reports and reflects on Mr Perera’s take on how to build a resilient Singapore that would stand the test of time.

Fire Alarm

A Two Forty-Five Affair

After being disturbed by the recent fire-alarm incident, Tan Yang Long pens a poem recalling his two forty-five affair with a thing called Sleep.