Interest Groups

Tembusu is home to a large number of student-run interest groups. Students can join any of the existing groups; and if they are interested in something else, they are encouraged to form their own groups. Whenever they submit a successful proposal, the College provides seed funding that is administered through the College Students' Committee.


Tembusu Arts Council

The Tembusu Arts Council (TAC) is a sub-committee under the Tembusu College Students’ Committee (CSC). We are a team of individuals who love the performing arts, and seek to bring together our experiences to continually reinvent and invigorate the performing arts scene in the college. It aims to foster a culture of sharing and learning, by connecting passionate talents, as well as offering new opportunities to all who are willing to explore. The team's responsibilities include providing technical support for events and maintaining our music studio – the Abbey. Some of the initiatives include Connecting Awesome Talents, Dining Hall Experience and the Crash Course Series, among others.


We are a group of art enthusiasts who get together to paint, sketch and draw! All students are welcome, and we hope to inspire one another with new visions and perspectives. We have a session every Thursday night at the Blank Canvas to do acrylic painting (Art Jam), and we also have special Wednesday sessions for one-off introductory sessions to various mediums and forms of art. Our foremost concern is making sure that inexperienced artists are not daunted by fine arts and we also hope to promote art interest and knowledge such that it is more prevalent within our communities.

Curios Magazine

Curios Magazine is a thematic collection of essays, poetry, short stories, photography and illustrations, created and curated by our very own community in Tembusu. We feature works from the perspective of the Tembusu community that are interwoven into a critical and intimate examination of society, community and human experiences. Written and assembled by the people of Tembusu, Curios is intended to encourage our community to think, reflect and contribute to the Tembusu thought collective.

Tembusu Debate Society

The Tembusu Debate Society fosters intellectual engagement among students through discussing current controversies and questions for the College, Singapore, Asia and at a global level across different platforms. Over the years, the guest panel discussion series, the Elephant in the Room, has supported the debate of issues such as freedom or speech and non-heterosexual rights. In previous years, the Debate Society has supported intellectual engagement across different Colleges in UTown and beyond through being a key organizer of a debate competition, the University Town Intercollegiate Provost's Challenge Shield. The Debate Society conducts regular, professional training in debating skills and techniques, according to the British and Asian Parliamentary formats.


Filmbusu aims to introduce a variety of films from many time periods and languages to Tembusu and let them know that film can be appreciated by all. We aim to educate people that you do not have to be artsy to appreciate the films and that a film has a lot more to offer than just entertainment. We also encourage those who view our films to engage in our post-film discussion where we discuss the film and other films in accordance. Here is a good opportunity for people to be aware of what our views on film are and we also want to hear from others as well. We also encourage those who have an interest in poster design to join to showcase their creativity for the various film posters we have.


Slate is a theatre collective which aims to engage Tembusians and spread appreciation for the art form. With dramatic readings, stage productions and the like, we hope to create a space where theatre-lovers can express themselves. More importantly, we see Slate as a platform for more to come on board and share the world of the stage. While many perceive drama and theatre as a niche, rather intimidating world, Slate views it as a means to engage the wider community. Hence, one of our main aims would be to provide opportunities for those who are interested in theatre to get involved, no matter their background or past experience.


Want to learn the bass-ics of guitar but never seems to find time to do so? Ever find yourself playing guitar alone without any friends to jam with? Fret not, 'cus tGuitar is here for you!!!! We are a group of guitar enthusiasts who like music, performing and having fun! Every week we learn to play new songs together, where everyone plays different role and find out which guitar styles suit them the most! Meet us once a week to immerse yourself in funky acoustic music, treble-free! Don't have enough time to practice? We have our own team of in-house resident guitar trainers whom you can always approach to learn and jam together, any time in the week! What are you waiting for? Be chord-rageous and strum on!


Transposition is a classical music IG that aims to allow Tembusians to come together and make music. Although we predominantly play classical music, we enjoy other genres like pop and jazz too. We organise our own in-house concert (Classical Night) almost every semester, and also participate in college activities like Open Day and Arts Week. Practice sessions are usually casual jam sessions in the Abbey, and it’s up to members to decide when they want to do so. We try to accommodate all different instrument players as much as we can, so as long as you can play an instrument, you’re welcome to join us!


The Tembusu Treblemakers is a home for all Tembusians passionate about singing, regardless of musical background. It is noteworthy to consider that while singing alone may be fun, singing together in harmony is our forte. Love fresh spins on songs you listen to on the regular? Don't worry, we've got your Bach ;) There's never a dull moment with the Treblemakers, so don't skip a beat and keep up with our tempo!


T. C. W. is aimed at introducing beginner level dance techniques from a variety of different genres to Tembusians. We strive to cultivate a basic dance foundation and provide a platform for those who are interested in exploring body movements an avenue to expose themselves to different techniques. At T. C. W., we also believe in the importance of understanding the history and culture of how dance genres came about; thus we will also share some background history about the different styles as we teach them.

Ukulele Beats

Ukulele Beats is an IG where we learn and play the ukulele together! The ukulele is a cute little musical instrument which can be played solo or in an ensemble. Once in a while, we perform for the Tembusu community. But usually, we just have fun strumming together. It’s all very chill, we welcome both experienced and inexperienced players. The aim is to build a supportive community where ukulele players help one another learn, and ultimately play together.


“Turn your broken heart into art”

 tWord is a safe space for anyone who wants to explore poetry and any creative writing, especially poetry, both written and spoken. tWord is a collective where members gather to write and review each other’s work, as well as reading and performing original work. The sessions are open to everyone to sit in and participate. The group meets once a week, the activities alternating every week. One week will be dedicated to writing and peer review, the other will be dedicated to readings.

Yarn & Doodles

Yarn & Doodles is a biweekly interest group where your nimble fingers and tingly artistic senses will be put to good use. We welcome anyone and everyone to join in our sessions that range from scrapbooking/sketching to calligraphy to knitting! These sessions will be a fun time mingling with people who want to destress or just want to make a nice present (for a friend who has a birthday next week etc.). We are always receptive to new ideas and skills that the members of the Tembusu community want to share from the Yarn & Doodles platform. Yarn & Doodles strives for everyone who joins in to be able to exercise your creative muscle and have a fun, no-pressure experience doing something that you have never tried before :)


Tembusu Barefoots

Barefoots is Tembusu College's very own ultimate frisbee group. We welcome anyone to join us in our trainings regardless of your experience in ultimate. If you have never played ultimate before, there's no better time to pick it up than now! The Town Green where we have our trainings is right outside your doorstep! While we are in essence a recreational interest group, we have participated and achieved honours in various local tournaments organised by the universities. If you want to step up your ultimate game or are just looking to get your feet wet in the sport, Barefoots is for you.


DODGE DUCK DIP DIVE DODGE — simple (and the only rules) to go by, yet they make for an amazingly fun sport: dodgeball. We are tBalls, Tembusu’s own group of dodgeball players! We welcome all players, whether new or experienced. So come on down and join us for an adrenaline-filled, blood-pumping time of dodging and throwing balls at your friends! See you all on Wednesdays, 11 pm+, and Fridays, 6-8 pm, in the MPH. 

Tembusu Bladers

We are a group of enthusiastic rollerbladers who skate for leisure. Disco night, karaoke night and a game of captains ball; you name it, we have it. On good days, we explore UTown on skates, occasionally organising excursions to popular spots around Singapore in search of photo-worthy sights and good food. Join us as we cruise along on 8 wheels and we'll promise you a good workout as well! Rental is free of charge, with the option of knee, elbow, and wrist guards, so do not worry about having no experience in skating!

Bolt & Pace

Bolt and Pace is Tembusu's very own road running group, and this is a group for all kinds of runners! Whether you're looking to get into the habit of running, or seeking to challenge yourself in becoming a speed demon on the road, Bolt and Pace is for you! This is also a good chance for you bond with your friends in college over running! We run twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays, 9 PM at Tembusu Drop Off point. See you there!


Boxing is one of the most efficient combat sports with a rich history. Through proper body mechanics, you will learn how to utilise punches, footwork, and head movement to be an efficient fighter. Be prepared to experience jump ropes, heavy bag drills, punching mitt drills, physical conditioning, and much more. We provide a safe and fun atmosphere for Tembusians who are interested in learning the sweet science of boxing. Come join us on Thursday evenings at the MPH for a fun and explosive workout!


tCali is an IG focused on calisthenics — we do equipment-free, bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere anytime with minimal use of equipment. We meet twice a week to do a mix of cardio and strength training, and our workouts are always accompanied by good music and great company. Regardless of your fitness level, come join us if you want to improve your fitness and build strength. You know your limits, but we'll be here to help you reach your peak.

Tembusu Captain's Ball

Tembusu Captain’s Ball is a social sport for anyone and everyone. If you're looking for a fun way to keep fit and make new friends, Captain's Ball IG is for you! We welcome anyone and everyone who's interested, freshmen and seniors alike. Our sport is easy to pick up and there's no prior experience required. As long as you can throw and catch a ball, you’re in!We meet 8-10pm every Tuesday at the MPH, so feel free to join us!

Tembusu Floorball

Floorball is a fast-paced and exciting sport that is gaining popularity in Singapore. Originating from Europe, this sport is not for the faint-hearted as it demands both stamina and skill. Tembusu Floorball is a non-competitive platform for players of all levels to have a casual hit around, as well as for beginners to pick up the sport. We aim to equip our players with a strong foundation and instil passion for the sport. We provide basic training and equipment, so come on down and join us for an evening with sticks and balls! Sessions are held every Tuesdays 10pm at the MPH; training frequency will increase closer to ICG.

Tembusu Netball

Looking to learn a new sport that is exciting? Netball is the right sport for you! Don’t worry if you have no prior experience, we start teaching from the basics and it is easy to pick up. Tembusu Netball is not gender specific; guys are welcomed too. Come join us at the MPH, every Monday 7-9pm!

Tembusu Rock Climbing Club

Eat Sleep Climb Repeat! Tembusu Rock Climbing Club consists of dedicated climbers with rock hard abs! We welcome everyone from diverse backgrounds and experience levels. Don’t worry if you have never climbed before, our friendly climbers will be sure to show you the ropes. We climb every week (Thursday, 9pm) at the UTClimbing wall, with both highwall for the thrill seekers and bouldering for a short, intensive workout. Join us and become graceful as a swan, strong as a beast!

Tembusu Men's Soccer

We're the interest group for all football fans in Tembusu to interact with one another! Activities include live screenings, recreational kickabouts, and sharing of football news/stories! We also compete during Tembusu House Games, and represent our dear college during Inter-College Games! So what are you waiting for?

Tembusu Women's Soccer

Tembusu Women's Soccer gives women who enjoy soccer an avenue to exercise their passion for the sport, or to simply pick up the sport. No rough play, no pressure (to win), and no experience is required — many of us started from this IG and eventually played for the Inter-College Games!

Tembusu Shuttlers

The Tembusu Shuttlers aims to provide a platform for fellow badminton enthusiasts in Tembusu College to gather, recognise each others' potential, and refine our skills as a team. Ranging from beginners to more advanced players, our team aims to grow together — not just as players but also as part of a community through badminton.


tSquash was set up in 2014 to increase the diversity of the sports scene in Tembusu and provide a platform for Tembusians to play or try out this amazing sport of Squash. We are the only IG that promises patient and encouraging one-to-one coaching, and even visual aids upon request! Sessions are always fun and interactive while working up a good sweat in a safe and competitive environment!

Stretch & Tone

Stretch & Tone is a fitness interest group that uses Pilates matwork, to stretch and tone for a leaner, stronger you! Join us at our weekly sessions for a head-to-toe workout to work on your core muscles, reduce body aches and even burn more calories! Everyone is welcomed and no prior experience is needed. A 10 week course is held each semester, and lessons are taught by an external Pilates instructor.

Tembusu Table Tennis

The club is formed for Tembusians who enjoy playing table tennis. Through a shared love of the sport, this group hopes to foster a spirit of collaboration and community. Inter-College Games held in semester 2 allows members to pit their skills against opponents from our neighbouring RCs. While there are such competitions and trainings, we accommodate enthusiasts of all skill levels to learn, play and improve every week. After all, we never forget that it is enjoyment of the game that brought everyone together in the first place!

Tembusu Tennis

The tennis spirit is buzzing around with the WTA finals coming down to our red dot for the next five years, so why not have a go at the sport. No racquet? No worries we have Tembusu-owned racquets acquired specially for you, so we'd like to encourage all players experienced and beginner alike join us. For the beginners we will teach you how to play as well as give you drills to improve your stroke and your game. So if you're interested do join our "Tembu Tennis" Facebook page for updates on tennis sessions!


Welcome to Tchoukball, a game of teamwork, high speed, and also great fun! We began our journey in 2014 when Tchoukball became an official sport of the Inter-College Games. Through hard work and determination, we claimed the Champion's title in ICG 2015 and 2017, rising above the other colleges. We strive to build and bond our team, and to train the incoming generations of tchoukballers. We place high emphasis on team play and chemistry, and we always welcome newcomers. Come join us for an exciting time on court, and we promise you, Tchoukball will get you hooked!

Tembusu Touch Rugby

Always wanted to try a new sport? Try touch rugby, a non-contact sport which caters to all players, beginners to experts alike. It’s a fun way to stay fit, improve your co-ordination and meet new people! Players get to participate in the Tembusu House Games, as well as the Inter-College Games held in Semester 1 and 2 respectively. Join us at the UTown Green every Mondays and Wednesdays, from 5 - 7pm!

Tembusu Volleyball

Volleyball is just a really intense version of Don’t-Let-The-Balloon-Touch-The-Floor.” tVolley welcomes all volleyball enthusiasts to come find out for yourselves! We hold biweekly combined training sessions with some of our fellow residential colleges. Whether you are an experienced player or a newbie excited to pick up a challenging new team sport, feel free to talk to us about joining!

T-OWLS: Tembusu On Wheels (Lepak & Supper)

Exploring scenic locations near Tembusu on wheels, our interest group aims to gather cycling enthusiasts to enjoy the cool, night breeze while cruising along on a bicycle. We ride to locations such as West Coast Park, Jurong Lake, Labrador Park, and even Sentosa. Everyone loves supper and we don’t forget to stop at supper places each time. We own a small fleet of bikes and maintain them ourselves. Join us on our rides into the night with great company, scenic views and yummy food!


Adestes Fideles

Adeste Fideles is a Catholic community that aims to reach out, share the faith and journey with both Catholics and non-Catholics in Tembusu.

Tembusu Christian Fellowship

We seek to be community of love and grace that welcomes Christians and non-Christians to answer life’s biggest questions and to fellowship. Our core values are Truth with Love, Authenticity, Humility, Grace, Unity and we practice these values alongside the teachings of Jesus.

T.A.L.L — (Tembusu Animal Lovers’ League)

Tembusu - Animal Lovers League (T.A.L.L) conducts weekly visit to our beneficiary, Animal Lovers League (A.L.L), an animal farm that caters for dogs, cats, rabbits and some turtles, etc. We are looking forward to you joining us, we don't expect strict commitment, because we believe that helping out on voluntary basis whenever you are free can better enrich our shared experiences. More information on what we do and on how you can join us can be found in our Facebook group link.

Green T Movement

The Green T Movement is an IG that aims to promote environmental sustainability in Tembusu by providing the infrastructure and small reminders for lifestyle change. Our primary aim is to increase the recycling rates and reduce the electricity and disposal usage amongst Tembusians.


tFreedom is an LGBTQIA+-affirming community that aims to build a more diverse and inclusive college. We organise events to advocate and educate on matters regarding gender and sexuality, fostering greater awareness and understanding amongst Tembusians on such issues. tFreedom also host private gatherings for LGBTQIA+-identifing members to create a safe space for them to freely express themselves. Ultimately, tFreedom aspires to be the pillar of support for LGBTQIA+ Tembusians while actively engaging with the general college community to promote an inclusive residential environment.

Treehouse - Tembusu's Online Student Journal

Treehouse is home to a community of writers who are both curious and committed. We bring together individuals who are excited about exploring issues and ideas, both within and beyond Tembusu College. Through our writing, we seek to make meaning of our observations, experiences, and interests, and are dedicated to the purpose of deepening the landscape of thought in Tembusu College, by inspiring reflection and conversation among our readers.



Tembusu Coders bring together those with an interest in building cool things with computer science. We aim to create a community of passionate students who build exciting projects to tackle challenging problems. We are also on mission to increase the interest in tech within the college through our regular programming workshops as well as tea sessions with distinguished guests.

Tembusu Coffeehouse

Tembusu Coffeehouse prides itself as the college’s first coffee appreciation interest group. The club has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Today, the club has grown to become more than just an interest group. Tembusu Coffeehouse is a family bonded by the shared love of coffee appreciation. The coffeehouse spreads the love of coffee through tasting sessions and also by providing hands on trainings with espresso machines and various brew equipment. From espressos to cold brews, to chocolate or even coconut, we experiment with all different forms of flavours and variations of coffee. Apart from trainings and tastings, our daily coffee sessions also serve to rejuvenate Tembusu's students as they go about their daily grind.


Contract Bridge. International Mahjong. Japanese Mahjong. Weiqi. Chinese Chess. IG2 lets you explore all kinds of intellectual games, even new games you would like to introduce! IG² provides a fun and supportive environment for students to learn various intellectual games so as to establish a warm vibrant culture of learning. These games both train the minds and allow students to bond together by challenging players mentally. At the same time, these games allow students to broaden their skill set and understanding of the different games developed around the world. IG² will focus on unconventional intellectual games and hopes to promote the awareness of these unique games and nurture interest in them for years to come.


Ever thought that you were better than the contestants on The Voice? Want to let people and not your pets hear your angelic singing? Stop singing to yourself in the bathroom! tKaraoke provides a platform for people of all “skill” levels to come down and enjoy a good singing session. We hope to inspire others with our harmonious (or not so) singing, as we take a walk through the rich history of songs together.


Polity is Tembusu's very own public policy and current affairs interest group. Founded in 2016, Polity aims to raise the awareness and understanding of local and international issues among Tembusians by providing a platform for students to engage in civil discourse in an intimate manner. In the span of one year, our “In the Eyes of...” dialogue series has invited seven guests from the public and private sector to share their thoughts on a range of issues such as race and culture.


In the fast-paced and high-stress study environment of the university, many students tend to overwork themselves and forget the importance of stepping back and taking a break. tRecess serves as the avenue and reminder for Tembusians that resting is just as important as studying. tRecess explores various relaxation and stress-relieving techniques such as face masks and aromatherapy, over the semester and provides ideal relaxation techniques for every individual. We believe in learning to rest.


Insurance, Student Loans, Investments, Stocks... "Arghh, it's all so confusing and it's giving me a headache...!" Not to worry, Strategos to the rescue! Strategos is made up of a community of Tembusians with a common goal to arm themselves with the RIGHT financial knowledge so they can easily navigate through the dollars and cents of life. Come and discover more if you, too, want to be a financial ninja in life!

Tembusu Tabletops

Tembusu Tabletops provides an avenue for Tembusians, alumni, or anyone who have an interest in board gaming to gather, relax and have fun. We have access to a myriad of board games which members can enjoy or play any time, with their friends. We have sessions at least once every week (or anytime if members are up for it!), with multiple games being played during that period of time. There is no minimum commitment, skill level or sign ups - any Tembusian can just walk in during a session, take a seat, play, and have loads of fun! Beyond the mundane Monopoly or UNO, Tabletops welcomes everyone as we explore the vast and thrilling world of boardgames!

Urban Gardeners

The Tembusu Urban Gardens Strategic Project was initiated in 2013 to build sustainable urban food gardens within Tembusu College. In an increasingly dense and urban environment, it is important not to lose touch with nature and to appreciate that food production is a time-consuming process that requires effort and lots of patience. Our urban farmers experiment with different farming systems, such as hydroponics, aquaponics, and traditional soil planting. We bond over farm excursions and tending to the garden at Level 3, which we have christened “Tembusu Misty Garden.” We also hold mini-events on farm-related topics and to share our labour of love.


tStudios is a team of photography enthusiasts who in the recent years have branched out to explore areas of videography and design. With a mix of self-professed amateur photographers and members who simply wish to pick up the craft, tStudios aims to conduct activities that cater to both these groups of people. With their very own headquarters in the Blank Canvas, tStudios provides equipment ranging from cameras to tripods, to designing and video editing software, for members to pursue their interests and hang out together. tStudios also covers major events in Tembusu College such as formal dinners and Tembusu forums, chronicling the memories of many Tembusians.

The Tembusu (Fagraea fragrans) is a large evergreen tree in the family Gentianaceae. It is native to Southeast Asia. Its trunk is dark brown, with deeply fissured bark, looking somewhat like a bittergourd. It grows in an irregular shape from 10 to 25m high. Its leaves are light green and oval in shape. Its yellowish flowers have a distinct fragrance and the fruits of the tree are bitter tasting red berries, which are eaten by birds and fruit bats.