Interest Groups & Student-Initiated Projects

Tembusu is home to a large number of student-run interest groups and student-initiated projects. Students can join any of the existing groups; and if they are interested in something else, they are encouraged to form their own groups. Whenever they submit a successful proposal, the College provides seed funding that is administered through the College Students' Committee. Some of these groups work closely with a college Fellow who plays an advisory role. Check out some of the past and present interest groups below:



Filmbusu is not your typical Netflix and chill session. From controversial films to cult favourites, we watch a whole range of movies that will invigorate your soul every Thursday night during the semester. Tired after a tough day? Watch a movie with Filmbusu. Happy for no good reason? Watch a movie with Filmbusu.


Slate is a theatre collective which aims to engage Tembusians and spread appreciation for the art form. We hope to spread the love of theatre and engage as many individuals we can with what we call the "truth on stage". We believe that theatre is a social commentary and we are excited to share this with everyone. While many perceive drama and theatre as a niche, rather intimidating world, Slate views it as a means to engage the wider community. Hence, one of our main aims would be to provide opportunities for those who are interested in theatre to get involved, no matter their background or past experience.


A weekly getaway from daily hustle, tArt is the perfect place for everyone to unleash their creativity. Believing that "there is no right and wrong in Arts", we welcome everyone to explore various media with an open mind, be experimental, and most importantly, relish the art-making moments. From conventional painting to potentially unorthodox activities, tArt promises an enjoyable and enriching time for everyone regardless of your background!


tCrews aims to give anyone in the college an opportunity to dance in a safe environment. We hope to be accessible to beginners as well as allowing experienced dancers to solidify their foundations and explore other genres. With the dance community rapidly growing in Singapore and the flourishing of dance studios all over the island such as O School, Converge Studios and Dance Capital, we hope to leverage on the rising popularity of dance to grow Tembusu’s own creative community and bring in professional choreographers to share their expertise in dance through teaching us the right techniques as well as sharing their love for dance with us. All workshops will be introduction level so don't worry about being camera shy or for not having any dance experience!


Using Bollywood music as as a tool to express and de-stress, Tembolly welcomes anyone from ALL skill levels to dance with us and learn to be comfortable in your own body. A blend of various dance forms are explored, including jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, Kathak and Bharatnatyam. By focusing on beginner-friendly techniques, we hope to give you a platform to grow as a dancer!


Transposition & T-Guitars welcomes anyone who plays an instrument or is willing to learn one. If you are into chamber music, improvisation, arranging and transposing, or just good ol' jamming sessions, this is the IG for you! For passionate beginners with no prior musical knowledge, do not fret, basic theory and practical knowledge will be imparted for you to appreciate music in a different light. Our focus is on any genre of music and not just classical music in particular as we believe any form of good music deserves our attention.


The Tembusu Treblemakers is a home for all Tembusians passionate about singing. It is noteworthy to consider that while singing alone may be fun, singing together in harmony is our forte. Love fresh spins on songs you listen to on the regular? This is the place for you!


tWord brings together students interested in creative writing to give them a conducive space to write. Our regular sessions focus on a topic of the week from which students can draw inspiration and work on in their own writing. At the end of each session, students can choose to share their work and request for comments or critique. tWord also aims to make poetry and creative writing more accessible to the general student body, and organises writing workshops and Student’s Teas with writers.

Ukulele Beats

Ukulele Beats is an IG where we learn and play the ukulele together! The ukulele is a cute little musical instrument which can be played solo or in an ensemble. Once in a while, we perform for the Tembusu community. But usually, we just have fun strumming together. It’s all very chill, we welcome both experienced and inexperienced players. The aim is to build a supportive community where ukulele players help one another learn, and ultimately play together.

Yarn & Doodles

Yarn & Doodles strives for everyone who joins in to be able to exercise your creative muscle and have a fun, no-pressure experience doing something that you have never tried before. :)

Reading Pods

Reading pods are opportunities for you to read, discuss, and respond to a book that interests you with a small group of like-minded readers. With students and fellows leading several pods every semester, each is a small and imitate engagement (usually capped at 5 people who come together around a book). Free from the traditional teacher-student model of the classroom, sessions are collaboratively structured — with the guiding principle being developing rational thoughts through a deep, close, reading of the text.


The creation of Reel-T is founded, essentially, on more than just merging the art of performance, photography and videography. As a filmmaking IG, we seek to express and analyze relevant social issues and current affairs (typically with a comedic approach), allowing Tembusians to explore and contribute to their productions. Whether in devising plots through scriptwriting and storyboarding or executing the production itself through camerawork, acting and directing, Reel-T provides a diversity of opportunities to learn, develop and experiment one’s interest in filmmaking. Ultimately, we want to create films that celebrate our humanity, as derived and captured from the communal daily living in a residential college.


Tembusu Barefoots

Barefoots is an Ultimate Frisbee interest group. We are a loving community and a friendly bunch with a shared passion in chasing plastic discs. We provide a nurturing environment for newcomers to the sport, but at the same time maintain a sharp, competitive edge whenever tournament/competition season comes around. Barefoots is extremely bonded across the batches, and we have a strong senior/alumni community to mentor our development and train together with us. We are of the firm belief that frisbee is more than just a sport - it's a lifestyle.

Bolt & Pace

Bolt and Pace conducts weekly sessions spanning the entirety of athletic intensity; from short-run sprints to long-runs spanning multiple kilometers, a semester with us will cover untouched ground both physically and metaphorically. But we're not just a running IG; we're a team and we leave no-one behind. Our sessions may be exhausting, but they'll never be futile and you'll never run alone in them.

Tembusu Captain's Ball

Captain’s Ball IG seeks to provide members with a fun and fulfilling sporting experience as well as bring them closer together through weekly games sessions. With beginner-friendly rules, this sport doesn’t require any past experience and can be picked up easily by anyone. Here in Captain’s Ball, we are passionate about the game and want to provide members with the best experience possible. So, whether you’re new to sports or simply looking for something recreational to pick up as a hobby, Captain’s Ball welcomes you into our family!

Tembusu Netball


Tembusu Netball is ALWAYS a time of laughter and fun on court! From learning the basics of the game to playing alongside fellow Tembusians of ALL genders, Monday nights are never a dull time. It's a place for many to pick up a new sport or continue honing their skills, but what remains the same is our love for this very sport!

Stretch & Tone

Stretch & Tone is a Pilates interest group that focuses on building strength and flexibility for a stronger you! We cannot guarantee that you'll get abs, but we can guarantee that you'll get a full-body workout to soothe your body aches after too much e-learning. A 10-week course is held each semester, and lessons are taught by a professional Pilates instructor. Classes are beginner-friendly and anyone is welcomed to join us!


tSplash is Tembusu's only water sport IG! We focus on teaching basic swimming techniques to beginners and correct strokes for intermediate swimmers. We have weekly training sessions at USC! If you are worried that our training may be too intense, rest assured that our training is guaranteed to be enjoyable and customised to individual's needs. Other than swimming, look forward to various exciting water activities such as water polo and diving. Otherwise, If you are looking for a nice tan and toned abs, tSplash is the one-stop to achieving your dream body.


Dodgeball has often been thought to be merely a gym class game; however it is actually an increasingly popular sport involving lots of quick reflexes and strategic thinking. Like the name suggests, the sport focuses primarily on dodging balls, but also throwing and catching! And we promise you it will be the most fun you’ve ever had! Join us for hours of laughter, shenanigans, and of course, getting better at our beloved sport!


tBladers is an IG for Tembusians to roll together. No matter skill level, we focus on having fun together. In no time will you have learn the tricks. We also play games on wheels, upping the difficulty? There's always time for skating!


tBoxing is an IG that revolves around introducing people to this beautiful sport. Boxing is often misrepresented as a brutish, mindless sport, but we hope to show you otherwise! There's something here for everyone: whether it's gaining confidence by learning basic punches to defend yourself, enjoying an intense workout with your friends, or playing mind games with your opponents during sparring, it's easy to find something to love about boxing. As Muhammad Ali once said, "Don't count the days, make the days count!", so we hope you'll give tBoxing a shot at helping to make your days count. Take a leap of faith, step outside your comfort zone, and who knows? You might surprise yourself.


tCali is an IG focused on calisthenics — we do equipment-free, bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere anytime with minimal use of equipment. With a mix of cardio and strength training, our workouts are always accompanied by good music and great company. Regardless of your fitness level, come join us if you want to improve your fitness and build strength. Every Monday at Amphitheatre. You know your limits, but we'll be here to help you reach your peak.


Tchoukball is a relatively new, but really fun and high-energy indoor team sport! Our exciting journey started in 2014 when we became an official sport in the annual Inter-College Games. Since then, we've clinched the Champion's title in ICG 2015, 2017 and 2018! We also occasionally take part in external competitions to gain experience and challenge ourselves. For the most part, however, we can be found spending many nights in the MPH practising our skills, playing games and having fun! Almost all of our players come in with no experience at all but leave with amazing ball skills, exhilarating memories from the court and a found family of friends. Welcome to the FRAMEILY! We can’t wait to have you on court with us!


tClimb consists of a community of close-knit climbers that welcomes anyone who wants to pick up the sport. Our supportive members come up with brand new, fun, and challenging climbing routes weekly. Whether you’re looking for an intense workout or just want to hang during our weekly sessions, try climbing for a new grasp on life. Join us for our weekly bouldering sessions at the USC climbing wall to scale to new heights!

Tembusu Floorball

Floorball at the Residential College level is a mixed gendered indoor sport played 5 a side. The game is fast-paced, easy to pick up and also a good cardio workout! The Tembusu Floorball family welcomes players of all skill levels and our family comprises beginners, THG finalists and even IFG finalists! We train on a weekly basis with the strong backing of our alumni and occasionally also have collaborative sessions with other teams within the RC and Hall community.

Tembusu Football (Men)

Football is made up of fine gentlemen who play the game with passion and integrity, representing Tembusu College with great pride. We welcome everyone, from those who want to pick up this amazing sport to those who have been playing for years. The team trains hard together in preparation for ICG, from playing mass games barefoot at UTown Green to competitive 7-a-side matches at the NUS stadium. Tembusu Football is for anyone with a heart for the game and everyone has cherished memories both on and off the pitch!

Tembusu Table Tennis

Tembusu Table Tennis is a platform for like-minded Tembusians who have a passion for Table Tennis to come together and enjoy the sport. Whether you want to pick up a new sport, want to refine your skills or just want to bond with friends, Tembusu Table Tennis welcomes all to be a part of our big family.

Tembusu Touch Rugby

Tembusu Touch Rugby is a beginners friendly touch rugby interest group aimed at spreading the love and joy of our wonderful sport. Touch Rugby is a variant of rugby without the contact, and Tembusu offers guys and girls alike to experience the fun of rugby without the intense contact.

Tembusu Volleyball

Tembusu Volleyball is a community of players from all skill levels who simply want to enjoy the game of volleyball in a welcoming and cordial environment. We impart volleyball skills to new players, allowing them to master the art of passing the ball (Service, Digging, Setting and Spiking!) over each training through several stress-free drills organised by our players! We also teach players how to rotate around the court, as well as some general knowledge about the game. In the second half of every session, we also enjoy volleyball matches to hone our new skills! Within UTown, we have an established network including the other residential colleges, which we frequently engage with, in trainings and friendlies! Whether you’re a veteran player or someone who’s never touched a volleyball before, Tembusu Volleyball is truly for anybody who wishes to enjoy a fantastic, engaging sport with warm, friendly people!


tFigure is a community of students passionate about ice skating. Through regular sessions, we provide the opportunity for Tembusians to learn more about skating and improve their form on the ice. Anyone and everyone is welcomed to join our sessions and we hope that you can explore your interest in the sport alongside like-minded individuals!


tHoops is a basketball interest group and we do not discriminate. As such, you do not have to worry if you are a complete beginner and fear being left out of games. In fact, members have improved their skills over the regular sessions as seniors provides constant feedback and advice on their plays! As such, you can think of tHoops as a conducive tutorial & lab where we learn and put into action together! See you around!


In tShuttlers, we look forward to playing with players from all skill levels! Badminton is our life, and we believe that badminton should be played with a mix of passion and relaxation. While we train hard for Inter-College Games (ICG), we are also convicted in bringing fun and laughter to the game!


Squash is an underrated game - while it may seem complex, it truly is the friendliest, straightforward racquet sport to pick up! Here in tSquash, we look forward to play with people of all levels! Trainings are conducted at the University Sports Centre (USC), and every single training session is guaranteed to make you work up a sweat while having the time of your life. Not only do we give an introduction to the sport, we do simple drills so that players can pick up on the basics so that they are able to enjoy the game as early as possible! For more veteran players, we are constantly looking for more people to spar with and to enjoy the trainings with. If you wish to pick up and enjoy in a sport quickly in our fast-moving university stint, squash is definitely for you!

Tembusu Women's Football

Using your feet to play a ball game is probably one of the strangest ideas that human beings have ever come up with. However, all of us at Tembusu Women's Football will vouch that it is also a fantastic idea! Join us to find out what the fuss is all about: you may find yourself falling in love with the "beautiful game"! We hold weekly sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 8pm. Sessions are 100% organic, gluten-free, and beginner-friendly.



1UP is the home for all gamers in Tembusu, where everyone can enjoy and share the games they love. Whether you're a hardcore or casual gamer, we are brought together by our love of games and provide a platform where people can both enjoy gaming together and also share with others the joys of gaming. 1UP also brings gaming to the larger community in Tembusu by organising events and tournaments for all to partake, allowing gamers and non-gamers alike to come together and have fun.

Tembusu Christian Fellowship

We welcome all who are interested to explore more about the Christian faith. Join us every Wednesday from 8-10pm to find out more!


From Contract Bridge to Japanese Mahjong, IG² explores all kinds of intellectual games! In IG², we aim to build a fun and supportive environment, establishing a warm, vibrant culture of mutual learning. Every Tuesday, we analyse and play a variety of intellectual games and improve our skills through these sessions. To promote the awareness of these exciting games and nurture interest in them in Tembusu, we seek to invite everyone to join us, whether you are a beginner interested in picking up a certain game or a grandmaster looking to share your knowledge of the game and play recreationally!


Millegram is Tembusu's very own news publication IG. Through our regular pieces, we strive to inform youths about matters of current affairs in a succinct and fun way. Whether you’re a budding journalist, an up-and-coming political cartoonist, or just someone who likes to talk about the news, there’s a place for everyone in our Mille-fam.


Polity is Tembusu's very own public policy and current affairs interest group. Founded in 2016, Polity aims to raise the awareness and understanding of local and international issues among Tembusians by providing a platform for students to engage in civil discourse in an intimate manner. The interest group is home to a small team of youths passionate about engaging in civil discourse and bringing diverse perspectives to the college. Our flagship “In the eyes of...” dialogue series has invited nine distinguished guests from the public and private sector to discuss pertinent social issues, as well as share with Tembusians about insights in their jobs or daily lives. We also organized the first college-wide public speaking event, 15 Minutes, where students and eminent external speakers had the opportunity to share their personal and professional stories to the college. As Tembusians get to interact closely with guests at our events, we hope Polity’s events inspire Tembusians to become an engaged, enlightened and empowered Polity.

Tembusu Tabletops

Tembusu Tabletops aims to facilitate social interaction, with board games as the medium of choice. Weekly sessions range from three to five hours, with multiple games being played during that period of time. IG members also have access to a myriad of board games which they can enjoy or play any time, with their friends. Tembusu Tabletops also provides an avenue for Tembusians to borrow board games for group recreational activities, as well as supporting College events (eg. House events) through the provision of board games.


tAstro is a place for anyone interested in Astronomy to gather! We have a telescope for us to observe the celestial wonders in the night sky and learn more about them. During our sessions, we explore the universe together by sharing what we know. Don’t worry if you have never used a telescope before or have just begun to be interested in the night sky because we all start from that spark of curiousity! Come for the Astro, stay for the people~


Always wanted to try baking? Here’s your chance! At tBakes, we get together weekly to bake delicious goodies. Our friendly exco will guide you through the recipes so that your bake comes out brilliantly. Every step in the recipe is done by you! Whether you are a Masterchef or have never stepped into the kitchen before, we welcome you to join our sessions. We hope that after joining our sessions, you will learn baking basics and be inspired to bake more often. The best part? Eating the food you baked and of course sharing it with your friends! Provided you didn’t devour it all yourself…


tDebates is Tembusu’s beginner-friendly debate group. Through debate trainings, workshops and chill discussions on issues we are interested in, we learn how to argue in the most convincing way possible. Debating with us will equip you with the ability to win arguments in your daily life and also better justify your stance in essays.

Tembusu Coffeehouse

tCoffeehouse is Tembusu’s one-and-only coffee appreciation interest group. It is for anyone interested in coffee to learn more about it - from the different roasts and origins, to various brewing techniques and tasting notes of coffee. We also welcome passionate individuals to share their expertise on different types of coffee. We then put our knowledge into action, bringing cups of specialty coffee and drinks to Tembusians through our morning and event sales. Here in Coffeehouse, a single cuppa is more than just a morning fix - it sparks conversations, forms bonds and creates spaces for people to gather.


tFreedom is a community that aims to build a diverse and inclusive college. Through our four wings - SpeQtrum, Femme, Safe Word and Let's Talk About Sex, we organise events that seek to expose members of our college to issues and ideas relating to gender, sexuality, sex and feminism. Ultimately, tFreedom strives to engage with the general college community to promote an informed residential environment.


Greetings adventurer! tQuest is bringing Dungeons & Dragons to Tembusu, a tabletop roleplaying game where players can experience realms of limitless possibilities. We aim to introduce new players to the world of D&D as well as bring together players and allow them to immerse themselves in roleplay, solve puzzles, engage in combat, and build imaginary narratives together. Whether you're an experienced player or just someone wanting to dip their toes into the magical world of D&D, the doors of tQuest are always open.


tStudios is a team of photography and videography enthusiasts. Comprising of a mix of self-professed amateur photographers and members who simply wish to pick up the craft, tStudios aims to conduct fun and informative activities that cater to both these groups of people. With our very own headquarters in the Blank Canvas, tStudios provides equipment ranging from cameras and tripods to designing and video editing software for members to pursue their interests and have fun together. tStudios also covers major events in Tembusu College such as formal dinners and Tembusu forums, chronicling the memories of many Tembusians.

Treehouse - Tembusu's Online Student Journal

Treehouse is home to a community of writers who are both curious and committed. We bring together individuals who are excited about exploring issues and ideas, both within and beyond Tembusu College. Through our writing, we seek to make meaning of our observations, experiences, and interests, and are dedicated to the purpose of deepening the landscape of thought in Tembusu College, by inspiring reflection and conversation among our readers.


The purpose of tTarik is to provide an enriching platform for members of the Malay community in Tembusu College to engage themselves actively with Tembusians. It also acts to serve as a support group for its members and get to know about their cultural roots from one another.


tKaraoke is the IG fit for Tembusians who love to sing! Held once a week in the Box Office, Tembusians can sign up for karaoke sessions with another friend and sing to their heart's content. Apart from recreational singing as a form of destress, tKaraoke is the perfect platform for Tembusians to bond over their love for music!


tAKE ME OUT is a place for anyone who wants to go out to explore, stretch your legs, and have fun! We share a love for adventure in all its forms and hope to spread that love, so even if you're not usually the outdoorsy type and just wanna try for one day, you're more than welcome to join us!) Our activities include treks to lesser-known corners of our little island, cycling trips (especially exciting is night cycling!) and even kayaking/windsurfing jios — super cool stuff!
We don't keep a regular weekday schedule and instead plan to switch days every week, because we want to enable everyone interested to come at least once in a while. Night cycling would likely be a Friday night, while watersports would be during the breaks!

Communities and Engagement


Thriftbusu is Tembusu's very own thrift shop! We host a semesterly event, where we collect donations from Tembusians in exchange for store credits. The thrift shop aims to facilitate a circular economy for clothes within the college, raising awareness on the harms of fast fashion, and promoting sustainability.

Tembusu Wildlife Association (tWild)

Led by a team of passionate individuals who champion for biodiversity, Tembusu Wildlife Association (tWild) seeks to critically engage Tembusians to discuss issues surrounding wildlife conservation in Singapore and other countries. Over the years, tWild has attained much success, partnering with local organisations like Seven Clean Seas, Nparks and overseas organisations like LAMAVE, holding multiple student teas, fundraising sessions and expeditions around Singapore and other parts of the world. tWild hopes to continue the legacy of wildlife conservation that has transcended through generations of dedicated Tembusu wildlife enthusiasts by educating Tembusians, as well as involving them in many other tWild conservation activities. Join us if you're interested to learn more about wildlife conservation today!

Love Tembusu

Love Tembusu is a mental wellness advocacy group that aims to educate, destigmatise and provide a welcoming space for Tembusians to engage in conversations about mental health. Our initiatives and events all serve to advocate the importance of mental wellbeing and may be directed at the different ways Tembusians can destress and practice self-care.


GreenT is Tembusu College’s sustainability interest group. With a focus on upcycling and community initiatives, we hope to inspire change and spread awareness in the college community. Even if being super passionate about the environment is not your cuppa T, fret not - we welcome everyone to join us no matter where you are on your sustainability journey!

We don’t have a fixed weekly schedule, but be sure to expect super fun and interesting events from us during your time in Tembusu College!


tCambodia is an OCIP in Tembusu College that aims to empower Cambodian students by providing them with soft skills education and vocational training through our thought leadership and research. We work in partnership with Indochina Starfish Foundation (ISF), an NGO located in Phnom Penh that aims to alleviate poverty and inequality in Cambodia by increasing access to healthcare, sports and education for underprivileged children and their families.

We visit ISF at the end of every Semester (December and May respectively), where we will conduct an educational workshop for up to 30 students based on topics and content requested for by ISF and using materials we develop throughout the semester. During the trip, we also explore opportunities to strengthen our relations with ISF and to discuss how we can better contribute to social causes in Cambodia. Aside, we visit other NGOs to find out more about the local non-profit and community service scene. The interest group seeks opportunities to improve our beneficiaries' lives in any capacity we can.


tMentors is a group of Tembusians who aspire to serve as elder brothers and sisters to bright, young students, by serving by example and with humility. Tutelage in this Interest Group (IG) is holistic and extends beyond academic guidance, with enrichment activities and sharings aimed at broadening the perspectives of our mentees. Our mentors are heartwarmingly dedicated to draw on their experiences and guide our mentees toward and beyond their examinations. Here at tMentors, we believe that the process of tutoring goes two-ways. By stepping out of their comfort zones, mentors grow alongside their mentees and find fulfillment in giving back to the community.

tMentors, in essence, is about service through tutelage and growth through shared moments.


Echoing the promise of our Rector, Professor Tommy Koh, to bring Tembusu to the World, members of our community are voracious travellers. And not just for vacations and exchange programmes. Some of your seminars in the college entail field trips to various parts of Singapore, as well as a few of our off-shore islands. You can also choose to be a part of the NUS Study Trips for Engagement and Enrichment (STEER), led by our fellows, which have taken members of the college to Komodo Island, Borneo, Sulawesi and various cities in China, amongst other places.


tEnPower (established 2018) is a sustainability-focused OCIP in Tembusu College that aims to empower youths at Youth Development Centre (YDC), Shwegyin, Myanmar to gain access to better opportunities through improved English literacy. YDC is a boarding school that is home to around 200 underprivileged youths ranging from ages 3 to 18 –– providing them with accommodation, education and vocational training to prepare them for society.

Our work encompasses long-term, regular engagement in the form of weekly English classes over online video platforms, supported by self-developed curriculum. In addition, a highlight for many of us is the annual Winter trip to YDC, where we finally get to meet our students in person. During the trip, we evaluate the effectiveness of our lessons with our students and conduct educational activities planned with input from the YDC leadership.

Tembusu Gives Back

Tembusu Gives Back aims to foster a culture of service among socially driven Tembusu students with a passion to give back to society. We hope to empower local beneficiaries and engage with the community in an effective way. This Interest Group also aims to provide Tembusians with opportunities to gain skills and knowledge related with service-learning in the process of serving the community.


Shining Star Reads is a community-based reading programme and OCIP in Tembusu College organised by our partner organisation BLESS (Bringing Love to Every Single Soul). It aims to improve literacy outcomes and engagement levels of children aged 4-9 from lower-income families, using a structured curriculum created by educators of various levels to teach them English.

Every week, we go down to CASA Clementi to work with children from rental units in Clementi and help them to improve their reading and writing skills by using storybooks and workbooks - in order to track their progress, we assess their literary skills at the start and end of each year. Sessions dedicated to holistic learning opportunities such as creative art and craft sessions are also organised regularly for the children throughout the year in order to develop their tactile and kinaesthetic skills.

The Tembusu (Fagraea fragrans) is a large evergreen tree in the family Gentianaceae. It is native to Southeast Asia. Its trunk is dark brown, with deeply fissured bark, looking somewhat like a bittergourd. It grows in an irregular shape from 10 to 25m high. Its leaves are light green and oval in shape. Its yellowish flowers have a distinct fragrance and the fruits of the tree are bitter tasting red berries, which are eaten by birds and fruit bats.