Pastoral Care

The Tembusu Residential Team strives to provide support and service to the College and residents in creating an environment that is conducive for living and learning. Our responsibilities range from administrative duties to supporting residents with different needs.

Do seek help if you:


Who can you approach?

You can approach any Residential Fellow (RF) / Residential Assistant (RA) / Graduate Fellow (GF) or other faculty member of Tembusu College for help.  You can also walk in at the University Counselling Services, or schedule an appointment  - this can be done via email or phone call. If you require emotional support to schedule or attend a UCS appointment, please approach an RA you feel comfortable with. 


In the time of crisis:

In moments of crisis, where you feel that you might pose a risk to yourself or to others, please call the NUS Lifeline (6516 7777) immediately.

Alternatively, call emergency ambulance services (995) if you require immediate medical attention. 


Emergency contacts

  1. Utown Campus Security 6601 2004
  2. NUS Campus Security 6874 1616
  3. Police 999
  4. Emergency Ambulance 995
  5. University Health Centre 6776 1631
  6. NUS Lifeline 6156 7777

For room lock :

During office hours, please refer to OHS (their office is located in Cinnamon Level 1, near main entrance).

After office hours, you can approach your Duty RA.


Sexual Assault

What’s sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is defined as offensive, unwanted and/or unwelcomed behavior of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment can consist of repeated or isolated acts that cause the victim(s) to feel uncomfortable and/or unsafe. It can be verbal, visual and/or physical.

We strive to construct a safe, conducive and inclusive space for learning. The college takes a strong stance against sexual harassment. 
We will not hesitate to take any disciplinary actions if necessary. This may include suspension or expulsion from the college.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual misconduct of any kind, you can reach out to the NUS Care Unit (NCU) for support. You can contact NCU at 6601 4000 (24-hour helpline) /

What if you are a victim?

What can you do as a victim’s supporter? 

Who can you contact?

  1. Duty RA
  2. For Security and Campus issues,  please contact them at 66012004(24 hr helpline) or email them at


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