Bearapy Workshop


Tembusu College

Bearapy Workshop

Date: 24th September 2015

Time: 9-12.30pm

Location: Tembusu College

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About the Workshop:

Confused about what to do after graduation? Bombarded by expectations? Feeling inadequate? Bearapy is a different approach to finding self-awareness and self-understanding - PLAY! - using objects that are part of participants' daily lives to help them make decisions and gain self-confidence. Through play, the Bearapy workshop aims to:

Find out more about yourselves through play and fun! Activities include games, drawings, group discussions, and self-reflection.

About the Facilitator:

Based in Beijing, Enoch (Noch Noch) Li is consultant to MNCs, start ups, entrepreneurs and senior executives - advising them on implementing positive changes and injecting fun, creativity and innovation into their business operations and personal careers. In her consulting and facilitation work, Enoch emphasises play techniques that look at not only the conscious, but also the emotional and unconscious factors affecting executives' decision makingf and the organisation's culture.

Organised by TisSUES

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