Freshmen Orientation 2011

The first ever orientation held at NUS UTown, Tembusu Freshmen Orientation 2011 marked the beginning of the students' residence at Tembusu College.

The orientation brought an estimated 200 freshmen, 70 seniors, and another 100 orientation group leaders (OGLs) together. The immersive orientation programme saw students participating in team-building activities and forging life-long friendships over the 4 days.


The Tembusu (Fagraea fragrans) is a large evergreen tree in the family Gentianaceae. It is native to Southeast Asia. Its trunk is dark brown, with deeply fissured bark, looking somewhat like a bittergourd. It grows in an irregular shape from 10 to 25m high. Its leaves are light green and oval in shape. Its yellowish flowers have a distinct fragrance and the fruits of the tree are bitter tasting red berries, which are eaten by birds and fruit bats.