‘Ideas for Life’ Challenge

September 17, 2012

‘Ideas for Life’ Challenge

Calling all passionate and aspiring social entrepreneurs – the inaugural ‘Ideas for Life” Challenge is for students who are motivated to solve the world’s pressing social problems. If you are a social entrepreneur, here is your chance to submit and win prizes for innovative solutions to change society for the better. Your solutions or ideas should offer extreme ‘value for money’, sustainable, engaging and implementable on a wide scale. They solve a compelling problem in communities in or outside Singapore. They are likely to involve engineering / design innovations which are simple and novel. They have great commercial value.

Successful ideas and proposals should address :

Important Dates

Proposal submission
Announcement of shortlist / finalists Presentations by finalists

: 30 Sept 2012 : 22 Oct 2012 : 26 Oct 2012 : 31 Oct 2012


1st Prize :
2nd Prize :
3rd Prize : Consolation prizes :

SGD2000 + trip to India* SGD1000 + trip to India* SGD600
SGD400 x 3 teams

*The trip to India will take place over 2 to 3 weeks in December 2012. Dates are currently being finalized. The airfare and accommodation in India will be fully paid. The cash prize goes to your pocket money for the trip.

The trip to India is a great opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to gain first-hand experience in a society with pressing needs. The ideas created in this Challenge need not be directly targeted at the community which the winners will be visiting in India. It will be a great bonus if your ideas apply to the scenario in India. Otherwise, your trip to India is a new opportunity for you to apply your passion as a social entrepreneur.

Visit www.i4lchallenge.org for more details.

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