Technology and the Fate of Knowledge - On the Web

April 24, 2015

Our website, showcasing some of the best independent projects (and some photographs taken throughout the semester) has just launched. If you are interested to see what your classmates were up to in the final weeks of the module, visit

Our module looked at the tangled relations between knowledge and technology through three umbrella themes: Ways of Knowing; the Modern (Techno) Scientific Era; and Problems of Knowledge. These themes explored questions about how knowledge has been technologically and culturally-mediated throughout history; how the modern scientific era and modern technology shaped our dominant concepts of knowledge; and how technology and society influence claims to knowledge and our access to it today.

In the final weeks, students developed independent projects on the theme of translation. Their task was to engage with, and re-interpret, the relationship between knowledge and various technological formats, by translating between two media and critically reflecting on the information change that takes place. You can see the results here

If you would like to contribute to the website – by writing a reflection or analysis of knowledge and technology (or something more creative!) please write to me at Special thanks to Alton Koh for designing and developing the website.

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