Jeremy Fernando at the Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento in Buenos Aires

October 23, 2018

In November 2018 — at the invitation of Gabriela Golder, director of the Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento, and Mariela Yeregui, founder and director of the Masters in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts programme at the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero  — Jeremy Fernando will be presenting his works as part of the BIM (Biennial of Moving Image) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In his first piece — resisting art — he will attempt to respond to the question of the relationship between art and resistance, to the possibility of art as resistance — that is, it is an attempt to meditate on the possible relationship between resisting and art. In short, the possibility of art as an encounter.

His second piece — take a walk on the wild(e) side, which will take place at L’Alliance Française de Buenos Aires in conjuction with the UNTREF  — is an attempt to respond to the question of writing, is an endeavour to open the relationship between walking and thinking, movement and thought. It will be followed, the next day, by a walk through the San Telmo district, in which the question of the relationship between the body and thought will be foregrounded; where the materiality of words, of bodies — in writing — will be explored alongside participants whilst strolling through the city.

In both performance-talks, he will be showing works of, and from, Singaporean artists including Yanyun Chen, Sara Chong, SKLO, Margaret Tan, PANYK, Charles Lim, Ng Joon Kiat, Eugene Soh, and Ruben Pang, amongst others.


The Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento is a singular activity: a combination between a film festival and a contemporary art exhibition. Alongside exhibitions and screenings in museums and cinemas, there is a wide offer of other activities such as workshops, conferences, seminars, and lectures with artists — all in the hopes of broadening the conversation. In short, the BIM is a meeting space for thought brought forth, and through, a multiplicity of media.

The BIM is a CONTINENTE project produced by the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (National University of Tres de Febrero) that takes place every two years in the city of Buenos Aires.

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