'On Writing Art' by Jeremy Fernando at the Central Public Library

July 31, 2018

8 Aug 2018

In this performance-talk, Jeremy Fernando will address the manner in which he responds to, the way in which he approaches his attempts to, write on works of art. For, if art is the transformation of something that is brought forth through craft, through tekhnē, into something else, it not only lies potentially beyond us, it might well also transform the one who looks at it. Thus, writing on art - even if one thinks one is picking up a call from the work - not only risks completely missing the point, but is quite possibly always writing art itself.

Wed, 8 August
730 - 830pm
Multi-Purpose Room
Central Public Library 

To register, please go to : https://www.nlb.gov.sg/golibrary2/e/on-writing-art-68993122

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