What I Learnt From a Migrant Worker

Growing up in Singapore tends to push people into silos. We often live our lives in socially distinct bubbles, and this is no less true of my interactions with migrant workers. As a student, I had always perceived migrant workers as a generalised ‘Other’ in society. Migrant workers occupied a separate reality: their lives and […]


On Political Correctness and Privilege

What should we make of politicians who give textbook answers, and is Singapore’s safety net as small as we think it is? Sarah-Kei Lauw reflects on Minister Tan Chuan-Jin’s visit to Tembusu College.


Pass the Paper Please (One-Sentence Game)

Pass the Paper Please is Treehouse’s attempt to recreate the traditional One-Sentence game within Tembusu College. This is each house’s attempt and take on their own house animal.


Spaces Become Reminders

“Spaces are inextricably bound to the stories we tell about them – these are articulated in names, memories, and how they’re used. ” Erica Lim reflects on the narratives we build into brick and concrete, into spaces and places we come to call our own.


The Singapore Love Story

Earlier in the semester, a Fellow’s Tea with film director Tan Pin Pin, hosted by Dr. Margaret Tan, was held. Following the screening of Tan Pin Pin’s film, To Singapore, with Love, Mary Ann Lim attempts to deconstruct the concept of national identity posited by the film.

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Capturing the Moment – Tembusu House Games Floorball Finals

The annual Tembusu House Games took place recently on the weekend leading in to recess week. A friendly competition between the five houses in Tembusu, it often serves as a highlight for the sporting types to claim glory and contribute to their house. Jensen Goh gives us a stunning commentary of the Shan vs Ora floorball fixture.