AY(18/19) Committee

Alexandra Moosa / Co-Editor-in-Chief (AY18/19)

Alexandra Moosa is a second year student in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. She majors in history and minors in sociology. She is passionate about the creative freedom of stories and enjoys them in all sorts of mediums like writing, art and animation. People claim she puns too much but music puns aren’t her forte.

Bryan Kwa / Co-Editor-in-Chief (AY18/19)

Bryan Kwa majors in Political Science. He mulls over the relationship between political institutions and the negative liberties of humans. The ‘invisible hand’ of the market fascinates him and he also ponders about the nexus between industry and political power. He dreams of upholding the fourth estate: posing hard-hitting questions to the powers that be and holding them to account.

Jonathan Lee / Co-Editor-in-Chief (AY18/19)

Jonathan is a second-year student from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Sociology. He is interested in literature, politics, language, time and memory. Some of his favourite authors include Dickens, Orwell, Ishiguro and Kundera. You probably haven’t seen him before: he’s usually firmly ensconced in his room.

Clarissa Cheong / Editor

Clarissa is a Year 2 medical student with a strong interest in politics and current affairs. When she’s not drowning in anatomy, she can be found dreaming of having a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte while hiking in a chilly forest somewhere. She is obsessed with the British accent and hopes to attend Hogwarts one day.

AY(17/18) Committee

Ryan Quek / Co-Editor-in-Chief (AY17/18)

One of many Ryans in Treehouse, Ryan Quek is a Year 2 Business and Economics Double Degree (Still Surviving!) Student. He loves photography and food, and likes to delve into socio-political issues, tech and sport. Also has a passion for trivia quizzes.

Reuben Wang / Co-Editor in Chief (AY17/18)

While not buried under books, you will find Reuben digging the depths of Wikipedia and Reddit for the most obscure of trivia facts. He would like for you to know that his major, Geography, is not only about rocks.


Nguyen Xuan Bach / Editor

Bach is a third year Arts and Social Science student majoring in Political Science. He likes to explore about politics, religions, and sports, aspiring to be the next John Oliver. He is currently in love with the musical Hamilton and spicy Indomee.

Raymund Sandamurthi / Editor

Raymund is a Year 3 Political Science student. He loves both non fiction and fiction books, movies and listening to Jazz during a rainy day. He wants to know more about the world and about himself.

Isaac Neo / Editor at Large

Isaac is a Year 4 FASS student majoring in Political Science. He wants to explore and understand the world, but is content with just surviving in university for now. He can be found browsing only the dankest memes.

Alex Chan / Writer

Alex is a Year 3 FASS student, intending to major in History. He loves reading and is keen to learn more about the past, especially that of Singapore. A good drinker, often drunk.

Bernard Tay / Editor

Bernard tries too hard.

Cherry Tan / Editor

Cherry is a second year undergraduate who intends to major in Southeast Asian studies. She loves to read across all genres (horror is a major exception) and talk to people about anything and everything. In her own words, “if you need anything, just hit me up”.

Eunice Tan / Writer

A molten, malleable mishmash of things one too many. Eunice is very much a work in progress.

Jaime Ch’ng / Writer

Jaime is a literature student living a continuous bildungsroman. She is a self-proclaimed expert in good farmers markets and purchasing eclectic things she doesn’t need. Loves traveling but absolutely afraid of flying, you can often find her looking for an excuse to have chocolate.

Janice Surja / Writer

Janice is a year 2 FASS student intending to major in Psychology. When asked why she chose that particular major, she would find it difficult to answer. Despite her obvious Asian heritage, she loves potatoes more than rice and will never say no to pasta.

Jessica Chua / Writer and Illustrator

Jessica is a second year FASS student with a long-term goal of pursuing Fashion Journalism. She is fond of watercolour painting, nature walks and science fiction novels. Often spotted lurking around the K+ exhibition space.

Jesslene Lee / Editor

Mad for adventure and stories, Jesslene often walks down unmarked streets and talks up wild strangers. Leading quite a monochromatic, unplugged life, she also loves wandering about.

Joshua Chan / Writer

I’m your run of the mill chronic over-thinker, when I’m not thinking, I run on the treadmill. I hope I run through your mind too.

Lee Mun Yee / Editor

Mun Yee is a Year 2 FASS student whose moods are largely affected by the weather. A rare morning person, she starts off the day with a good cup of coffee and ends it with her nose in a book. Her favorite days are the ones spent musing on long walks. Most of all, she loves to dance and occasionally writes prose and poetry.

Lionel Ong / Editor

Lionel is a political science major who is deeply fascinated with the Middle East and the role of religion in politics. He is unabashedly feminist, passionate about migration issues and also very interested in all types of art forms. In his free time, he likes to read, write, take long walks while listening to hip hop music, and to hang out with the people he loves.

Ng Keng Gene / Writer

Keng Gene is a Year 2 FASS student who believes that waking up without funky eyelids is a fantastic start to each new day.

Rachel Tay / Illustrator

Over-caffeinated, bookish, and just the right amount of manic, Rachel is oft found dashing between the library and her bed. When she isn’t reading or griping about impending deadlines, she enjoys writing, painting, and attempting to pet all the cats – stray or otherwise – that she comes across.

Royanne Ng / Writer

Loves poems and good wine, more so when coupled together. Dreams of raising sheep in a archetypal farmhouse on a hill. Also hopes to write better bios.”

Ryan Cheng / Writer

Ryan is a year 2 political science student. While he follows current affairs with a passion, he is increasingly interested in exploring how compelling narratives are crafted.

Ryan Cheong / Editor

Ryan wishes speech allowed for as much time to think and edit as writing offered. Maybe everyone would stop running away then. He studies business.

Ryan Tan / Writer

Ryan is a Year 2 political science major. Despite his studies, he doesn’t write political articles. He loves street photography, traveling and food, taking interest in lifestyle magazines. He occasionally draws and writes accompanying poems.

Sarah Chew / Writer

Sarah is a professional shower singer with a fondness for things that are monochrome – especially pandas. She enjoys acoustic music and suffers from food comas more often than preferred.

Sean Chan / Editor and Illustrator

A young man with an adult mind, Sean enrolled into FASS to study Political Science. A “socialist democrat” at heart, he hopes to make a difference those who seek his help in life!! He is also a nerdy student who just volunteers, reads and questions people. The most important book in his life is Machiavelli’s The Prince, because it taught him the idea of power.

Sarah-Kei Lauw / Writer

Contrary to popular belief, being a Year 2 medical student does not make Sarah-Kei a reliable source of medical advice. She enjoys jazz music and likes to sing (her life dream is to be a Disney princess and that requires some preparation). In her free time, she… She doesn’t have any free time.

Tan Ren Yi / Writer

Hopes to be called Sean but all his friends call him Ren Yi. Engineering student by day, writer and poet by night. He brakes for beautiful things and is on a perpetual quest to explore every facet of the human experience.

Tan Yang Long / Writer

Yang Long has a deep interest in the social world. He believes that the events in our lives are the result of a confluence of larger social forces. He also enjoys guiding young children to ensure that they have as best a start in life as possible. In his free time, he reads and writes. He hopes to work in the humanitarian field one day.

Tay Ying Hui / Writer

Ying Hui is an eccentric still trying to comprehend the world of Material Sciences. She enjoys Photography and a great convo anytime, although she usually ends up providing entertainment and talking nonsense instead. Give this caffeine addict her coffee & she might turn you into a cover model.

Yong Wee / Designer

Yong Wee is an engineering kid that really likes to dabble in designing. Fascinated by new technology, he seeks to invent some himself in time; maybe just one more hour of sleep everyday while he’s at it.

Val Alvern Cueco Ligo / Writer

Val indulges in the simple things in life like Philosophy, Rap, and Nutrisoy Reduced Sugar Soy Milk. Contrary to his looks, he is actually Filipino but, fun fact, has no idea how to speak the language. If you bump into him in the corridors, avoid eye contact lest he strikes up a conversation. In a game of Would You Rather, Val would answer, “Yes.”

Vanessa Teo / Editor

Vanessa is a writer, but more than that, mostly a wonderer. Occasionally disappears from her battle with English Literature, into the sun, sand and sea.

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