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By Professor Tommy Koh: Are art workers non-essential?

The Sunday Times (14/6/2020) last weekend published results of a survey it commissioned which asked 1,000 respondents, which are the jobs that are most crucial in keeping Singapore going. The result is very interesting. The survey includes a definition of an essential worker  as someone who is engaged in work deemed necessary to meet basic needs of human survival and well-being, such as food, health, safety and cleaning. When asked to identify the jobs that are essential and not essential from a list of 20 jobs based on this definition,  respondents’ top five picks for essential jobs were: doctor and nurse; cleaner; garbage collector; hawker; deliveryman. Their five picks for not essential jobs were: artist (71 percent of the respondents); telemarketer: social media manager or PR specialist; business consultant; human resource manager. The survey was conducted by consumer research firm Milieu Insight. This finding with artists topping the list of not essential jobs

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NUS BBA and Tembusu College Alumnus - Ong Kah Jing

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