Special Events

Inaugural Dinner 2023

Tembusu Welcome Week 2023

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Residential Colleges Teaching Excellence Award

Unleash the Power of Me! by Dr Vivek Mansingh

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Admission process is in progress.

TechWeek 2020

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Tembusu Together

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UTC2101 Time & Life Exhibition 2020

UTS2101 Biomedicine & Singapore Society Expo

Workshop on Self Reflection

Honey Appreciation Workshop

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Time & Life Exhibition 2019

Sail to the Anambas Islands (Tembusu STEER Sailing Voyage)

Light Cinema: A Tembusu Masterclass

Information Session: Tembusu Residential Assistants & Graduate Fellows Recruitment

Tembusu Vertical Marathon 2019

(STS SEMINAR) Dr Crystal Abidin

(STS SEMINAR) Dr Thijs Willems

(STS SEMINAR) Professor Jack Linchuan Qiu

Intelligence Expo

(STS SEMINAR) Zahirah Suhaimi

Bee Conservation & Honey Appreciation Workshop

Let's Talk about Sexual Assault Awareness


(STS SEMINAR) Dr Mikael Wahlstrom

CSI: Truth From Evidence Showcase, 12 Apr

Time and Life Exhibition, 9 Apr 2018

(STS SEMINAR) Dr Fiona Williamson

(STS SEMINAR) Dr Gabriele de Seta

(STS SEMINAR) Asst. Prof. Michael Stanley-Baker

IARU Global Summer Programme 2018

Honey Appreciation Workshop

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(STS SEMINAR) Dr Trang X. Ta

LGBT Community: Where is its place in Singapore?

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(STS SEMINAR) Assoc Prof Alfred Montoya

Bouquet Workshop

(ARI SEMINAR) Ten Years of STS Research at NUS

Book Signing Session with Prof Tommy Koh, 30 Jan

Yoga and Zumba Class

17th November NUS STS Seminar

29th November NUS STS Seminar

10th November NUS STS Seminar

UTC2107 Tembusu Negotiation Case Week

3rd November NUS STS Seminar

1st November NUS STS Seminar

Polity's 15 Minutes

UTS2100 Intelligence Expo: 16 Oct, Mon, 7.15pm

Zumba Class

Adam Groves and Jeremy Fernando at The Arts House

UTC2101 Time & Life Module: Another Time End-of-Semester Exhibition

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Rasberry Pi Workshop

STS Seminar: Assessing the Promise of the 21st Century Artisan Cheesemaker

Some Like It Hot

Tembusu College Open Day 2017

Virtual Reality Workshop

Chinese New Year Alumni Gathering 2017

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IARU NUS Global Summer School Programme 2017

STS Seminar: Journeys to the East

It’s just a Jump to the Left

STS Seminar: Family Presence During Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Hatha Yoga for Beginners AY2016/17 Sem 2

STS Seminar: Green Consumerism and Everyday Morality

STS Seminar: Digital Transformations in Research and Society

US Presidential Elections 2016

Tembusu Vertical Marathon 2017

STS Seminar: Thirty Years of Health, Human Rights and Community Development in the Midst of War

STS Seminar: An Inquiry into the Nature of Competition in Human Embryo Research

Honey Ice Cream Making Workshop

Tree Planting Ceremony at The Tembusu

tWild Gathers With Ms Chloe Tan

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STS Seminar: Revealing Art Forgery

Honey Appreciation Workshop

STS Seminar: Darwin, Wallace and the Sarawak Law

tWild Gathers With Herpetological Society of Singapore

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Documentary Screening and Dialogue with Mr Chris Johnson

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STS Seminar: Biological Dosimetry for Risk Perception and Radiation Protection

Hatha Yoga for Beginners

The Conservation Conversation

STS Seminar: The Rise of Public Aquaria in Manila, Batavia, and Singapore, 1904-1941

tWild Gathers with Kathy Xu

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Tembusu STS Seminar: Emergence into Being - Queering Epistemology Through Science Fiction

Tembusu STS Seminar: A Critical Review of Gender Studies in Singapore

Tembusu STS Seminar: Workshop on Homo Sapiens, Mortality and the Internet in Contemporary Asia

IARU NUS Global Summer School Programme 2016

Tembusu STS Seminar: Assistant Professor Christian Greiffenhagen

Tembusu STS Seminar: Professor Massimiano Bucchi

Dragon in Distress

Tembusu STS Seminar: Associate Professor Axel Gelfert

Yoga Classes & Pilates

Tembusu STS Seminar: Dr Ericka Johnson

tTales presents: PM. Haze

Time to pause

tTales: Eco-Wiz & Biologik Fieldtrips

Bearapy Workshop


Experimental ElectroCulture (EXEC) Workshop

tTales: Sharks's Fin Soup & Sichuan Pepper

The Shunji Matsuo Tembusu Show 2015

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IARU NUS Global Summer School Programme 2015

Audition for the Shunji Matsuo Tembusu Show

Intercollegiate Debates: 27 January - 12 February

Intercollegiate Debates Final: Thursday 12th February.

Biomedicine & Singapore Society: Special Teaching Session

Voyage the Singapore Science Centre’s exhibition, Island Adventurer

Wellness Workshops

Tembusu Vertical Marathon


Hiroshima-Singapore Green Legacy tree planting ceremony

Buffel Art Competition

Exam Resilience Workshop

IARU NUS Global Summer School Programme

Darwin Day

Climate Change Heroes Game

REACH: Dialogue Session with Minister Grace Fu

Book Signing Session

Farm Tour

2013 Art/Science Residency Programme

Singapore as a Company?

Jeremy Fernando in conversation with Adam Groves

Senior Seminar Workshop Series

Book Launch

REACH : Dialogue Session with Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan

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Stage Magic: A Site to Study the Interplay of People and Technology?

What is Ethnomethodology? - an academic discussion

Tembusu College UTRP Graduation Ceremony

Elephant in the Room Series: Is Racial Harmony in Singapore an Illusion?

Art or Craft? Approaches and Principles in Design.

The Untold Story of Your Success

Untold Stories of the Silent Migrants: A Conference

UpTown Beats: Concert on the Green

Open Science Barcamp

MEIT Case Challenge 2013

Tembusu Vertical Marathon

Darwin Day 2013

Slowing Down The World: A Meditation Session by Prof. Millie Rivera

Grease: The Musical

IPS Prism: An Immersive Arts Experience

The Elephant in the Room

Master the Science of Clear Writing

Green Legacy Hiroshima Project in Singapore

Launch of Wallace Online

Symposium : Human Trafficking, Be informed. Be the Change

Tembusu College Family Day

University Town Residential Programme Outreach

Of Music, Community Service and, Internet Fiction

Inspirational Talk by Paralympian, Dr. William Tan

Master's Event with Captain Budi Soehardi

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Performance Art Workshop by Lynn Lu

Shunji Matsuo Hair Show

Freshmen Orientation 2011

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Cultural Night 2011

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Chinese New Year Dinner

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Sports Day

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Pilot Programme Orientation

Pilot Programme Sport Day

The Tembusu (Fagraea fragrans) is a large evergreen tree in the family Gentianaceae. It is native to Southeast Asia. Its trunk is dark brown, with deeply fissured bark, looking somewhat like a bittergourd. It grows in an irregular shape from 10 to 25m high. Its leaves are light green and oval in shape. Its yellowish flowers have a distinct fragrance and the fruits of the tree are bitter tasting red berries, which are eaten by birds and fruit bats.